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The ORDER OF EXORCISTS will help anyone with demonic issues at NO COST! Members in our investigation & assessment teams will be assigned to your case and will do first contact interviews, demonic investigation and assessment. In order to see if we can be of help, you must give us your city/state/country. If we have a team in your city you will be contacted in a few weeks. YOUR PHONE NUMBER IS NEEDED in order to contact you and make our appointments .

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Sacred Order Of Saint Michael the Archangel

Serving the Denver Metroplex and Colorado

People who have problems in the area of DEMONS - DEMONIC INFESTATION - DEMONIC POSSESSION - PERSONAL HAUNTINGS - POLTERGEIST and are seeking help, please visit our "contact us" page.

Are you at that point where you find yourself in complete turmoil and emotional devastation?

Have you seen a physician and had a thorough medical and psychological exam and have been given a clean bill of health but still have symptoms of demonic possession? "What do I do next?"

Visit our Contact us page.

The Order of Exorcists is an International Organization with members in 24 countries.