The Order of Exorcists under the Independent Catholic jurisdiction of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel is a religious non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization made up of priests and bishops, from many jurisdictions, from around the world who perform the rite of exorcism, along with professional paranormal exorcist investigators who do first contact when requested for demonic investigation/exorcism.

In 1980, the Order was known as a small Independent Catholic Parish located in Highland Park, California with many outreach programs in the communities of Glendale and Eagle Rock. The Church started to receive requests from people claiming symptoms of demonic possession and wanted the church to send a priest to their homes. More calls started to come in regarding demonic investigations. With not enough clergy, the Presiding Bishop, The Most Reverend Ron Feyl decided to reach out and recruit members of the clergy from other jurisdictions; parishes/churches outside the area.

The ORDER OF EXORCISTS will help anyone with demonic issues at NO COST! Members in our investigation & assessment teams will be assigned to your case and will do first contact interviews, demonic investigation and assessment. In order to see if we can be of help, you must give us your city/state/country. If we have a team in your city you will be contacted in a few weeks. YOUR PHONE NUMBER IS NEEDED in order to contact you and make our appointments .

The Sacred Order Of Saint Michael The Archangel Order Of Exorcists

Our main function is to help people who are experiencing symptoms of demonic possession, house disturbances due to spirits, demons, hauntings, or possessions. We should be your last call for elimination. We are a group of professional specialist who are not only paranormal investigators but real exorcist investigators with clergy who are exorcist. When needed, our team of exorcists who are called in when needed, are Catholic priests/bishops who perform exorcisms and house blessings to expell demonic spirits, negative energies, evil and unwanted paranormal phenomena.

Our exorcist investigators specialize in demonic investigations. They do the first contact interviews, investigation & assessments and work with our team of exorcists if an exorcism is needed.

If you have already contacted a paranormal investigation group and want more, in regards to eliminations, from demonic evil spirits, demons, hauntings, and poltergeist, than contact us. It is not uncommon when paranormal investigation groups and even clergy would call for assistance from paranormal eliminator or exorcist for the final elimination process. Paranormal elimination from our group is a specialty.

You should contact us If you are experiencing the following: *Sound of footsteps on the stairs or floors, *Sound of voices or animal sounds in rooms and walls, *Bad odors with no natural explanation, *Moving black shadows on floors and/or walls, *Tapping or knocking noises in walls or on the floors, *Clock hands moving backwards, *Lights turning themselves on and off, *Electronic equipment like radios and televisions turning on or off, *Black human figures that move or stand, *Black clouds of smoke that move around and do not dissipate, *A evil spirit that is interacting with you or a household member, *Demonic possession of a household member. Look for any sounds, visual effects, odors, or changes in room temperature.

Our "Exorcist Investigators" will respect your confidentiality while providing a full investigative assessment analysis. At the time of our final analysis the Exorcist Investigator will have a profile of the phenomena and contact the Order of Exorcists for elimination of any paranormal demonic entities, cold spots, and paranormal behavior, by house blessing and/or exorcism rituals.

Our service is not just about confirming your paranormal phenomena, but, more importantly, terminating the problem, through exorcism, prayers, the use of holy water, holy oil, and salt  along with other elements as required.

Order of Exorcists - Under the Independent "Old" Roman Catholic jurisdiction of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel, with bishops, priests and investigators from many Independent jurisdictions in 24 countries.

Demonic Investigation & Assessment for demonic possession, demonic infestation and demonic oppression