THE PROCESS: The family or person requesting the services of our Order for possible "demonic possession" must first contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" button below, and give the full details about their situation, with names of people within the household and everyone who is involved, what kind of help they are looking for, and contact information such as phone number and location address. We need the address for interview, investigation and assessment of your situation.

Once the information has been submitted, the process would begin. Members in the Order are contacted in  that city/state/country of the request. Hence the need for an address. They would form an Investigation & Assessment team.

This would be the first stage of the process which can take about two or three weeks if members are available in that city.

Once the Investigation & Assessment team is formed, a member from the team would call the person who requested our services, and make an appointment for the first contact interview and Investigation for the assessment.

The team would collect all evidence, including documentation such as photos, videos, medical and psychological reports. Medical & Psychological reports are required if the case is demonic possession.

The Order has three members who are medical doctors. They would review the medical and psychological reports and submit their findings with recommendations to the Chief Exorcist Archbishop Ron Feyl, for further action.

This would be the second stage of the process which can take up to two or three months.

Each case is reviewed by the chief exorcist when all the evidence, documentation, medical recommendations, and assessment reports have been submitted.

If the evidence shows an exorcism is needed, Archbishop Ron Feyl would contact the bishop in that jurisdiction and a priest would be assigned to do the ritual.